About Thwip

Anthony Warrington was raised in Clinton, Mississippi. When young, he would sit in front of the keys at his grandparents piano making up songs and playing tunes he heard from the radio, television, anywhere. Already music was his language.  With fingers constantly upon the keys, he practiced into the night , often his parents pleaded with him to stop, so they could sleep.

Now Anthony is out of Tallahassee, FL. He has played for over 30 years on the piano and organ trying to perfect what he does and finally figured out how it all fits together… improvisational piano. Anthony was classically trained for 12 years through out elementary, high school, and college. After learning classical, theater, ragtime, religious, rock, jazz, and blues styles; he has fused them into a unique combination of sound. Imagine all the heart and soul of these styles playing in and around each other at times, and then coming together into one grand experience. Then you picture what he does. Any style of music you can imagine is woven into a tapestry of sound that is as colorful as a rainbow.

Join him and together you can paint the colors with a musical palette as you grow together in musical appreciation. You will not be disappointed.

Online Anthony is known as Thwip.  He streams online weekly and perform on the Second Life virtual reality world as Thwip Zifer.

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